Northcote Internet are a company which provides data for investors on a wide range of publicly quoted companies and has been used by the stockbroker, The Share Centre to provide these services to its members.

The Northcote PDF Grabber is based upon an internet robot created by RWAP Services (c) 2003-04, written in Perl 5.

The PDF Grabber was developed to run through the database of links to the company information which is maintained by Northcote Internet and download copies of any Adobe Acrobat files (such as Company Accounts and Annual Reports) onto Northcote's server.

The Northcote PDF Grabber is designed to follow the standard robots exclusion protocol rules, and is identified by the following user-agent: NorthcoteGrabber.  If you want to exclude the PDF Grabber from any part of your website, you will need to follow the robots exclusion protocol and using this identifier to either include a statement in the robots.txt file on your website, or within the meta tag:

We would however, ask that if you maintain the website for a publicly listed Company, that you allow our Spiders access to your website, in order to ensure that Northcote Internet can maintain its database of links to the public documents and reports about that Company