RWAP Services has a reputation for recycling old software and hardware - bringing it back on the market and releasing new hardware and software for the benefit of retro computer users (in particular Sinclair computer users - ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, QL, and the Z88) thus ensuring that the market remains stable, active and ensures the continued use of these old computers, rather than them adding to landfill. This is just one example of our commitment to the environment.

Our approach to conserving the environment and energy is aimed mainly at a practical level, taking account of whole life cost considerations, based against the benefit of using new technologies and approaches; taking account of measures to protect the environment and conserve resources, whilst doing all within our power to reduce our impact on the environment.

Protecting the Environment and Conserving Resources

  1. We have active involvement in practical conservation work, through the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), leading projects training others and undertaking traditional methods of countryside management, including hedgelaying; woodland and heathland management; footpath creation and erosion prevention using hand-tools.  For example, much of Britain's landscape has altered due to modern methods of woodland and hedge management - alas, mechanised methods of trimming hedges leads to thinning and eventual replacement of this important habitat by fencing, therefore the traditional method of using billhooks to lay hedges remains an important aspect to protecting the environment.

  2. We also try to save energy and resources as much as possible by only switching on equipment when strictly needed, making the most of natural light and using energy saving bulbs where practical. We have also placed our electricity supply on a green tariff whereby for every unit of electricity used, our supplier agrees to buy one unit from a renewable source (ask your electricity supplier if they operate such a Green Energy scheme - it costs a very small premium for wide environmental benefits).

    We have taken the step of installing various standby energy saving devices to reduce the amount of electricity used by televisions, computers and set-top boxes when not in use.  To this end, all of our computers have IntelliPlugs fitted and we have also used the Bye Bye Standby kits to turn off electrical equipment when not in use remotely.  These are relatively cheap to purchase and easy to install measures which can save you money on your electricity bills.

  3. We also conserving water, by using rainwater for the garden and only running taps for short periods, making certain that taps are not left to drip overnight. We have installed a water butt on the main downspout, which is then treated for use on the garden.

  4. We always purchase energy efficient devices where we can and ensure that we use them as efficiently as possible (for example only filling a kettle with the water we need; and using thermostatic controls for our heating).

  5. We have installed the required amount of loft and cavity wall insulation to meet current standards.

  6. Even since the 1980s our software has always been developed in a modular format, which allows us to re-use existing bits of code, rather than re-inventing the wheel, saving man hours and computer hours.


Reducing our Impact on the Environment

  1. Reducing car journeys as much as possible and when we do make car journeys, stick to the speed limits and use gentle acceleration and braking to prolong the life of the car and to ensure fuel efficiency.

  2. Effective recycling of paper, plastics, cardboard, bottles and cans as well as computer parts reduces the amount going to landfill and also the resources required to make these items in the future.

These policies not only allow us to contribute positively to the environment, but also to save money and live in comfortable surroundings.